Naissance de colombes

ART-O-RAMA 25/08/2023 - 29/08/2023 Fraeme & Fonds de dotation Compagnie Fruitière Texte : Veronique Collard Bovy The artist reformulates those delicate samples in hybrid shapes made of different metal alloys on which he sculpts the light, the shades and the asperities. This action of giving and giving back, of restitution and metamorphose, renews the modalities of co- existence between living species, landscapes and human beings, their images and representations. With Naissance de colombes, originating from his residency in Cameroon, Jean-Baptiste tells a story of negotiations, alliance and osmosis. He narrates in his own way a tale on the shimmering and cruel glow of the living cycle where a brave insect defying swells escapes from drowning, to be swallowed by a lizard passing by, itself being in turn devoured by a bird with thousands of colours. Here, the birth of the doves, the young shoots and a guide, life and death, rituals, collective memories and the figuration of sacred appear. In this frieze of precious metals, one can find underlying stories of smelters and flowers, human encounters with Apollinaire and Mister Amidou, Foumban’s architectures, and divine symbols intertwining fecundity and reptiles. In the practice of Jean-Baptiste Janisset, a constant idea of the porosity of the worlds unfolds through a dialog resolved with fusion.